The new series of Docter who

I am so exited about the new series of Docter who which also starts on my birthday!Yes after spending all my money on Lego after going to pizza hut and oping presents I get to finish the day with a good stop up late night.I’m mad about Docter  who.Soon it will be my birthday and I’ll se what happens.

From Kieran :-0

Last weekend

Last weekend I went to Disney on ice with Hannah and her sister Eden and Phoebe we had such a good time.The day was the 9th which was Saturday we went to a Mexican Restaurant I had chicken nugget’s it was yummy.

The evil foot steps…

Long ago there was a young boy who was just walking along snowy streets.It was a very     very cold day,and this young boy was freezing.”my gosh “Oh gosh it’s a cold day” he said.And he stopped because he thought he could here something.A row of foot steps was walking! “AAAAAaaaaa”! Ghost.The boy thought that there was a ghost and he ran and ran and ran and kept on running until he reached his house.”Phew”he said.But then somehow the footprints got into the house and then…

from Kieran w 🙂